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Merger and Acquisition Analyst


  • Perform the preliminary legwork for potential deals.
  • Analyse industry prospects by gathering information about growth, competitors, and market share possibilities.
  • Review company fundamentals and finical statements.
  • Build analysis reports to help upper – level mergers make decisions on deal.
  • Compiles and analyze data required for merger, acquisition and divestiture projects.
  • Perform integrated revenue/expenses analysis.
  • Develops Projects, reports, and presentation of the impact of M&A on the organization.
  • Performs financial forecasting and modelling.
  • Identifies trends and developments in competitive environments and presents findings.
  • Supporting the development goals, processes and resource allocation with organizational strategy.
  • Conducting research and analyses of operational effectiveness, processes, stakeholders, etc.
  • Aligning department goals, processes, and resource allocation with the organizational strategy.
  • Assessing market trends and competitors.
  • Identifying threats and opportunities.
  • Presenting findings, Projections and recommended actions.
  • Assisting in execution of deals.
  • Assisting in the preparation of marketing pitchbooks and related materials.
  • Generating models for Valuation metrics.
  • Generating public information through numerous sources.
  • Drafting marketing documents such as confidential information memorandums for financing and/ or sell side assignments.
  • Building company forecast models.
  • Analyzing company performance on an absolute and relative basis.
  • Producing and maintaining various databases.
  • Assist acquired companies in transitioning to OMA group accounting policies and procedures.


  • Min. 02-04 years of experience in related field
  • Excellent presentation skills and command in business communication
  • Think strategically and out the box to address customer needs
  • Customer relations management and strong networking ability
  • Experience with lead generation and prospect management

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